The Mission of Airborne Motors is to develop and manufacture a series of Personal Air Vehicles (PAV’s) using  proprietary technologies that deliver paradigm-shifting  effects. Our approach to the burgeoning  “Flying Car” industry, is to create a method of locomotion that encompasses three prinicples:





Our cars restrict us to movement in two dimensions, The Typhoon F1, with its vertical take off and landing abilities, gives easy access to  three dimensions allowing  the ability to travel places that were once out of reach.

Instead of driving in the asphalt jungle,  how about following a mountain stream instead.


Airborne Motors wants to bring a new form of transportation to the masses.  It is no secret that our roadways will only be able to  keep up with the increase in  traffic patterns for so long.  By taking transportation off of the roadways, traffic jams will eventually be a thing of the past.  The need for a flexible means of locomotion that can make use of our current infrastructure, parking garages, parking lots etc  will become a necessity. To be useful a PAV will have to be able to fly in to and out of confined spaces, be easily accessable, safe and easy to drive.


  Compact enough to be parked in your garage, our all electric  PAV’s  don’t require airports  or even a field.  Propel your car into your driveway or backyard, engage the Mag Fan  and your off!  A simple charge station can be installed in your garage to recharge the batteries. An added  bonus to being electric is that our vehicles will make very little noise; running almost silently overhead.

Founder / Head of Design


I grew up in a rural Montana town surrounded by genius, I spent weekends in the laboratories of Jeff Holter, the creator of the Holter Monitor. Under his and my father’s wing I would learn physics, chemistry and biology. I would carry these experiences with me through a love of technology that knows no bounds. Along the way I became a published author and filmmaker.

In my spare time I have conducted numerous experiments in  fluid dynamics,  specific energy systems, and magnetic fields. It is from the results of these studies  that I have designed the “Typhoon F1”


“The gauntlet in the race to build a true Personal Air Vehicle has been thrown. I intend to pick it up and run!”