Our  goal is to create a compact and stable personal air vehicle that is as  easy to drive /fly  as a compact hybrid and the performance to make it safe.

By designing the vehicle around a central fan that  not only supplies the energy necessary for vertical flight, over 1000 hp is on tap, but also acts like a giant gyroscope keeping the  craft in a rock solid  hover.  To create a flight path, the four corner rotors are rotatable in 3 dimensions and operate in a manor similar to a quadcopter drone.

A central computer system  with avionics (CCS) controls all aspects of flight through a fly by wire system.  The PAV can be flown autonomously with a pre-programmed flight plan or  be taken on  a  mind bending thrill ride banking through  turns at several Gs.  If you get in over your head just let go of the controls and the craft will return to a stable hover.


The design is also scalable, while the Typhoon f1 is for a single occupant a larger Typhoon f4 or four occupant would only require a one foot diameter increase in the radius of the main fan.


Our vehicles will literally have the ability to fly themselves. When a new driver goes for their first flight, the computer will go into a training mode where it will control most of its movements,  the new driver will be taken through a number of  routines to become familiar with the controls. As the driver becomes more comfortable, they can turn down the CCS’s intervention to the point where it will only jump in if you need it to.

Whether your purchasing, or just want a chance to try out a Typhoon, we will be starting a flight school where you will be briefed on all the flight controls and receive up to eight hours of flight training in a tethered PAV.